I just came by a up and coming A-Bloglister but in the direction of web design and not necessarily making money online which big bloggers such as John Chow, Shoemoney and Problogger monetize their websites. At Soforreal Web we stress the importance of a good web design and why it will make your business strive. We offer templates but only to get you started to understand how things work so that you can make your own custom web design.

At the Stylish Web Design Blog the author Gombos Atila aims to provide quality information about designing websites and standards that exist. The web design blog is not only for newbies but experts like myself as well. The website goes into detail about programming, video, tools, financing your business and everything internet. If you have any questions about a post that is made, its freely welcome and Atila answers most questions almost immediately. I can see this becoming a great design blog in the future with the quality post that are created as of now. I suggest that all my readers take a look and join the RSS feed because I will join it to keep tabs on the newest technologies and information regarding design.

Below is a screenshot of the website before you head over!