Web design can be tricky. When I started I knew what I wanted but was not sure how to execute it. I started looking for web templates and ideas from other websites. Back then in 2000 the design was hardly like it is today. Websites using CSS, XHTML, Flash, Swish was unheard of but there are the dynamics and you have to decide which is best for you in the beginning.

There are many web hosting companies that offer a web editor but most of those offer basically and honestly corny templates that I would not touch to save my life. However, if you are on a budget it is better to start with something. Once you realize what you want and earn money, you should be able to afford to look into purchasing a customized template, paid template or personal designer.

There are several routes you can take to get the perfect web design that you were wishing. Get a designer to design a Photoshop Web Design and output in PSD. Thereafter, you could cut the design into css or html, whichever is comfortable. This is great if you want an original design. You could purchase a template designed that are offered at Dream Templates. There are hundreds of website templates at your disposal and divided into categories which is good because you do not have to stroll through the website long to find what you want. The prices are good in fact, if you join you get unlimited access to hundreds of templates for $59.99. That is a bargain because my first template that I purchased had a $29.99 price tag and that’s ONE template without access to others!

What is offered?

  • Website templates
  • Flash templates
  • Powerpoint templates
  • Word templates
  • CSS templates
  • Logos (corporate or personal)
  • Website fonts

All of the above is included with that low price of $59 which was slashed down from $149. To order it is really easy and your template is delivered after the order process has completed so there is no long wait. You will then have access to all templates without problems using your login.

How is support?

I  have heard that the support is very much up to par. Just fill out the appropriate form and a representative will get back to you. Like I wrote about, if you don’t have time to design a webtemplate could push you forward in the write direction. Remember any webtemplate comes with a PSD file that can be edited and changed to look original like you have designed it. Use the template as a skeleton to your next project. Good luck!