Ever since 2003 I have been blogging and I have used many blogging softwares, formats and websites. From Google owned Blogger, Typepad, Moveable Type, WordPress and others, I think from all of the online services none of them have all of the features that Thoughts.com provides free. After casually reading a blog and I looked at the domain I researched more about the free blog. The fact that they offer unlimited bandwidth and make it easy to upload podcast and video is great. Neither WordPress.com or Blogger offers this and the only way that you can have it is if you join different programs and external services such as Youtube.


Here are the list of services included with the Free Blog:

  • Blog Publishing
  • Video Upload
  • Upload and Share Photos
  • HTML Visual Editor (Make it easy for beginners)
  • Annual and Theme Contests for members

Well the list could go on, but there are many services that offer this online. Signing up is really easy and self explanatory your privacy is held in great consideration and not made public. Speaking of which, something I recommend and like about Thoughts is that you can make your blog post, podcast and videos either public or private for friends and family to view only. On most platforms this is not available. The only downfall I can see is that the blogs are very customized and interchangeable as Blogger or WordPress. But if you’re only looking to blog and upload videos, photos and podcast all in one central location I suggest signing up! Good luck