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If you are looking for affiliate datafeed web scripts for your website it is best to know what type of scripts you want. Most web sites that we provide will create free or paid datafeed web scripts. The good thing about this is you can test the script first and opt to buy later. Affiliate web scripts and affiliate datafeed templates are not so easy to come by, but we have recommended the best programs that offer them free.

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Template Monsteris a great white label affiliate program. They offer your own javascript based affiliate template along with a 20% affiliate commission on all products. This is has been a winner for us for a long time.

LinkProfits – is a great affiliate resource for many programs. If you have a PHP server they offer php datafeed scripts for most, if not all of the programs they are contracted with them. The list of programs they offer (Engraved Gifts, Fitness Equipment, Vitamins, and more.