Best Email Marketing – autoresponder software & scripts

Email marketing is still alive and well. If you are thinking about marketing to your customers via email don’t fret because email marketing is not dead!

Although SPAM has caused the delivery of most email to decrease there are still great companies and software that will increase your chances of reaching your customers.

I have reviewed my favorite newsletter scripts, autoresponder companies and software that will help you get past a lot of email filters.

Best Newsletter Software – Autoresponder scripts, best email marketing software

Aweber Review

Aweber – Autoresponder and email marketing. I use this service and it is 110% reliabe, customer support is incredible and easy to use. At first I was afraid of using autoresponders because it seemed complicated. Aweber makes email marketing a charm. If you are subscribed to free web templates newsletter you can see how it is used! A++

Email Aces Review

Email Aces – We haven’t implemented this service but it is very very similiar to Aweber however they offer more subscription plans and it is cheaper in that regard.They deliver just the same as Aweber. I decided between those two in the end I chose Aweber. They are highly recommended for budgets!

Autoresponder Pro Review

Autoresponder Pro – This is another great autoresponder however you only have to pay once and install the script onto your server. The difference between this and the others above is that the services above constantly make their emails avoid getting backlisted. Most ISP have a block on particular domains. With Autoresponder Pro you are on your own but this script shouldn’t be ignored it is awesome